Liphook & Ripsley Cricket Club Sunday XI squad

Elliott Hawkins
Elliott has been a product of the Liphook youth along with a number of players, often taking the new ball and taking advantage of the swinging and nibbling ball to unsettle a number of quality batsmen. Not only opening the bowling Elliott has been used in one over spelling and coming back on at a later time in the game to clear up... as steep found out when he came back to take a triple wicket maiden last over of the game. Handy off spinners too, almost Crawford like. Let hope Elliott can carry on producing and maybe we will see that fines money one day soon...?
Jonathan James
JJ's first season as captain went very well with the 2nd XI only just missing out on back to back promotions. JJ hits the ball as hard as anyone and when he gets his eye in he can be very dangerous taking the game away from the opposition. Lets hope for more of the same next year from this young captain
Luke Lee-Nutbrown
Yoshi was another new player for the 2011 season, his attutide to playing is second to none, with his unorthadox batting technique coming handy when the team seemed to be dead and burried especially at home against winterslow. You can be assured that whenever you want to know how the first team are getting on yoshi will be the man to tell you. He also loves to order a team curry.

Controversial: Golden Globes host Ricky Gervais usually makes digs at A-list stars 

William Maisey
Billy is a relatively unknown quantity within the club after transferring from lower league obscurity. Thus far he has kept his cards close to his chest but one thing that is known is his bordering homosexual interest in the weather. He, despite his brief stay, has been subject to a "weather chat' ban on several occasions. Although there is hope for him when the season starts and he is weened off such boring subjects.

He is an unknown quantity socially and many ponder his impact on the club this year.

On the field he seems to want to cut everything over the slips which seems astray from both his heritage and understanding of English pitches. He pretends he can bowl but his glass leg has prevented any of this coming to fruition. 

Despite all this, there is an air of optimism surrounding the arrival of another local lad into the fray. 
Mark Morton

Willow “Mark” Morton

Liphook and Ripsley Cricket Club are still mourning the loss of Polly Rhodes to a club called Lymington Spa and have acquired a bloke called Willow.

Polly was a fantastic scorer for our club and we all still miss her greatly. She was punctual, helpful and knowledgeable and when she left us we had to really scour the transfer market for a suitable replacement…

Willow came with a glowing reference from our CEO. His CV talked about how he was the shining light of Liphook United FC and how he would bring a “barmy army of followers and boost attendances significantly as well as bar profits”. This boost was Lewis and Pearso… Not quite the dramatic rise in attendance however bar profits are up 4167% since Marks intro to the club. He is now unfortunately stuck with us (a little similar to how Chelsea were stuck with Winston Bogarde for four years).

A fine scorer who is learning the ropes excellently, an E in Maths GCSE suggests if you are the opposition scorer and there is a difference you are most probably correct and Willow has been fiddling columns again…

Charlie Moulton
Charlie, a newcomer to Liphook and proved to be a good choice by the young man. Having played only a few games for the 2nds and a couple of sunday games has looked promising and controlled with the bat. However, his throwing is fairly suspect and we are thinking he may have had his arms swapped with his sisters...? Always send someone half way for Alice. 

Questionable lid. Enough said. 
Ben Ungaretti
Ben "Bungle" Ungaretti is a new addition to the family for the 2013 season. He is another recruit who has turned his back on the distinctly mediocre Surrey Championship to test himself in the SEPL. 

Ben has been immediately adopted into both the Team Seam and the Hobbit faction of L&R CC. He joins fellow vertically challenged compatriots of the likes of Sean Burton in the quest for bowling a bouncer at Ripsley. A feat that has not yet been achieved by the Borrower of Bordon. 

Off the field, Ben is a jovial chap who inexplicably boasts about the sizeable thumb print displayed on his forehead. 

A good addition to the squad and we look forward to him scoring runs and taking wickets come May. 
Peter Woodland

Peter 'Wooders' Woodland

Never before has a man resembled a character from EA sports cricket 2006 more!Wooda is our trump card, genuine all rounder and the only 9 rated player in the club in the fantasy league (this does not sit well with Crawford).

Pete is a “massive” influence in the changing rooms as well and is the need for the home dressing room door to remain shut at all times.

A truly brilliant fielder (apart from the boundary) who you would be foolish to run to. One of the SPL committee’s favourites although this was not enough for him to be allowed to bowl at the Indians last summer!

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